15 October 2011 to 30 October 2011
From Playwrights to Actors
From Playwrights to Actors

Through this double workshop, Cifas (suite ...) proposes to address contemporary playwriting, from the perspective of playwrights and performers.

Writing is a process which tackles questions of meaning as well as questions of form that could summarize all artistic reflections. Choose words for their dramatic impact, for their meaning, for their sound. Express these words in the right tone based on intentions directly infused by the author. Use language to talk about the world today, with the uniqueness and sensitivity of each person.


To conduct this workshop, we invite the Brazilian author Roberto Alvim who combines in his singular writing a ‘recognizable’ sensitive issue and a startling strangeness.                                                                  


The course will be split into two workshops. The first workshop is for authors, the second is for actors. The authors of the first workshop will have the opportunity to attend the second workshop to refine their writing and to confront their work with the stage and the actors.

Workshop I

Creation and Analysis of Dramaturgical Strategies used in the Construction of Contemporary Poetics

The workshop aims to provide participants with an overview of the most interesting trends in contemporary drama, through a mapping of the theoretical works of important contemporary writers whose relationship to the world today will be analyzed. The classical foundations of dramaturgy will also be explored to understand their relationship to contemporary writing.


Strategies and techniques of dramatic construction will be proposed to reflect scenically the sensitivity of the twenty-first century.


Finally, time will be devoted to writing texts which translate scenically the questions addressed during the workshop.

Workshop II

Construction of time, space and imaginary in contemporary poetics

The workshop will give the actors the opportunity to discover and invent new meanings in a play, taking off the hegemonic interpretations of its contents.


Participants will work with texts created by the authors of the dramaturgy workshop and will aim to broaden the concepts of time and space, transforming words into rhizomes in the imagination of the receiver.


At the end of the workshop, a series of short scenes written by the authors of the dramaturgy workshop will be performed by the actors.


For this workshop, Roberto Alvim will be assisted by Juliana Galdino

Roberto Alvim
Roberto Alvim

Born in Brazil in 1973, Roberto Alvim is a playwright, director, curator and professor of Theatre.

He has written and directed 20 plays, which were staged in many places around the world. He was the first Brazilian author published in the collection of contemporary European drama, Les Solitaires Intempestifs in 2005.


Roberto Alvim was the Artistic Director of Theatre Carlos Gomes from 2001 to 2004 and of the Theatre Ziembinski in 2005 and he has lectured at several universities and Festival of Literature and Theatre, in Brazil and abroad. He also translated works of contemporary authors such as Harold Pinter, Richard Maxwell and Gregory Motton.


Since 2006 Roberto Alvim lives in São Paulo, where he directs the company Club Noir, dedicated to staging works by contemporary playwrights.


Besides several nominations for the top prizes of Brazilian theatre (including three nominations for the Award Shell) was the winner of BRAVO! Prime Entertainment 2009 Best Theatre in Sao Paulo, for his staging of The Room, by Harold Pinter.

One week: 100 Euros
Two weeks: 150 Euros
These prices include participation fee as well as lunch meals.
Send a CV and motivation letter (in English) to cifas@bellone.be before the 4th of October 2011.
Workshop I: authors / playwrights (10 maximum) Workshop II: Actors (12 maximum) and authors / playwrights (10 maximum)
18 rue Kessels
1040 Bruxelles
Each workshop lasts 7 days, from 9 am to 6 pm
Workshop I : Saturday 15th of October to Friday 21st of October.
Workshop II : Monday 24th of October to Sunday 30th of October.

If you do not receive an email confirming we have received your application, please contact Cifas: