15 September 2022 to 15 October 2022
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Pretend You've Got No Money

Alicja Rogalska will be in Feral and she invites us to a secret supermarket tour to listen to on headphones.

An unauthorised, undercover audio tour of your local supermarket.

Conceived to introduce disruption into daily shopping habits, the tour invites you to have a different kind of engagement with your local supermarket, treating it as a ready made scenography for a meandering, playful and mildly choreographic narrative on the politics of food production, distribution and consumption.

Amongst the subjects covered are: Bourdieu’s theory of class distinction, bread riots, political neurology of disgust, the Great Irish Famine, the role of bananas in the Colombian civil war, migrant agricultural labour, automation, climate change crops, the psychology of shopping habits and Mussolini’s ban on pasta.

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The podcast is available here from 15 September to 15 October

Listen to the podcast in English or French on Spotify:


Or download the mp3 file here:


Download the transcript in French and English here.

To fully experience Pretend You've Got No Money please listen to it in your local supermarket, as a special trip or part of your household shop. You can listen to it on your mobile phone, just make sure you have a pair of headphones with you.

The tour lasts approximately half an hour. You will be asked to move around the supermarket following a specific route. At the end of each chapter you will hear [checkout beep]. This signals for you to pause the audio to give yourself time to reach your next destination.
When you are ready simply press play to go to the next chapter.

When you have reached the supermarket please take a basket or a trolley at the entrance and pretend you are an ordinary customer.

Alicja Rogalska


Alicja Rogalska is an interdisciplinary artist based in Berlin and London. Her practice is research-led and focuses on social structures and the political subtext of the everyday. She mostly works in specific contexts making situations, performances, videos and installations in collaboration with other people to collectively search for emancipatory ideas for the future. Rogalska graduated with an MA in Cultural Studies from Warsaw University and an MFA in Fine Art from Goldsmiths College, where she is currently a PhD researcher. She has exhibited internationally, including at Manifesta 14 (2022), Kunsthalle Bratislava (2021) and Kunsthalle Wien (2020-2021), and was a DAAD Artists-in-Berlin Program fellow in 2020-21.


Re-developed in 2021 by Artsadmin as part of What Shall We Build Here festival.
Pretend You’ve Got No Money by Alicja Rogalska was originally designed for a local supermarket in Flemingsberg, Sweden as part of a Local Minima project with Vision Forum.

English version narrated by Anna-Maria Nabirye. Sound by Martin Clarke.

French version created in the frame of Feral. Recorded at Radio Panik. Sound by Leslie Doumerx, narrated by Noémie Zurletti.

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