10 November 2011 to 11 November 2011
La Bellone
New Strategies hor Higher Education

Higher arts education –which is often the fact of artists, and sometimes becomes their central occupation – is at a crossroads.

Mutations which have started (and continue to evolve) with the Bologna process, the tendency to gather within education 'poles', the development of post-master training on models that contrast with education in the classical sense, the general economic crisis and the reverse growth of the Art Market, the inter- and trans-disciplinarity which are more and more notable within artistic practices, raise questions about how the arts are taught and passed on, and more particularly question the models of art schools as they have been developed in the twentieth century.


All over Europe, new strategies try to meet these new challenges in very different ways. This symposium wants to cross local and international experiences and perspectives to nourish the practice of teachers, student teachers or members of teaching staff, and to imagine the future of art education.

Programme overview

Thursday 10th of November


13:00-18:00 : Plenary session


European Experiences

Facilitation by Hervé Roelants (FR).

Communications by Jean-Pierre Greff (CH) Catherine Hasler (FR) Caroline Mierop (BE), Deborah Richardson-Webb (UK),Benoit Vreux (BE)and Georg Weinand (NL).



Friday 11th of November


10h>13h : Workshops (in parallel)


Workshop I :School jar, school platform: between education and profession

Facilitation: Olivier Hespel (BE), Scènes

Should education be a protected moment or should it facilitate the access to the profession?


Workshop II :Experts and dilettantes, "strong sections" and trans-disciplinarity

Facilitation : Tiago Bartolomeu Costa (PT), Obscena

At a time of triumphant trans-disciplinarity, does specialisation of artists make any sense ?


Workshop III :Should trainers be trained?

Facilitation : Katja Praznik (SI), Maska

Should teachers be artists? what is the viability of the twentieth century Art School model in the current context?




Workshops report

By Olivier Hespel, Tiago Bartolomeu Costa and Katja Praznik.


Round Table

What common strategies should be developed in Europe?



By Jean-Marc Adolphe (FR), Mouvement



En partenariat avec TEAM-Network (Transdisciplinary European Art Magazines)


Hervé Roelants is an artist, writer, translator and teacher. Founding member of the Rhinoceros collective, he is one of the editors of the journal Livraison. In 2010, he wrote the pedagogical project of the art school of Strasbourg adapted to the Bologna process.


Jean-Pierre Greff is the director of the Geneva University of Art and Design, a singular place for higher education and a space for production and presentation of contemporary art and culture.


Catherine Hasler is the pedagogical director of the Master ex.e.r.ce at the CCN of Montpellier directed by Mathilde Monnier.


Professor and researcher, Caroline Mierop is the director of Higher National School of Visual Arts (ENSAV) La Cambre.


Deborah Richardson-Webb is the head of performance pedagogy at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and is involved in developing an understanding of 'pedagogy' in the performance context.


Benoit Vreux is the director of the Centre des Arts scéniques. He also co-directs the Cifas with Antoine Pickels with whom they imagined new perspectives on learning and transmitting to professional artists.


Georg Weinand is dramaturge and in charge of the artistic policy for DasArts, the “laboratory” Theater Master at the Theaterschool of Amsterdam.

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French and English (simultaneous translation available)
La Bellone
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Thursday 10th and Friday11th of November 2011

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