27 July 2010 to 13 August 2010
La Bellone
Le Beau Fixe.

"The climate is not looking good for the so-called “Western” Artistic Creation. Forced by the course of history to gradually abandon its previous aim for universality, it keeps on reducing the angle of fire, soon to focus on its own feet... and yet, are those feet really clean? Nothing is less certain.

The so-called "Western" Artistic Creation is given responsibility by the authorities who order (the new white aristocracy, its institutions, its foundations...) to mask the constant aggravation of socio-economic disparities by building the "Democratization of Culture” masquerade. One must exalt the idea of a horizontal camaraderie (B. Anderson) up to hysteria in order to distract the minds off the vertical differences which have become so monstrous.


By doing so, the "Western" Artistic Creation is soon conducted to the limits of an Internal (Neo) Colonialism activity (Stokely Carmichael), because of the strong racialization of the (non) social relations within a European urban population which is now multiethnic, segregated and separated by almost impervious urban borders (gentrification, suburbs, ghetto...) and of which groups are composed and arranged according to the former colonial history and its games of interracial contempt.

The direction to follow being a bit blurred, it is still possible to sit and talk. "


The workshop

During three weeks, a group consisting of 12 artists maximum will discuss and debate the topics proposed by Jean Michel Bruyère and Jean-Paul Curnier (philosopher, writer, editor). It will refer to aesthetics, politics and philosophy.

Throughout these exchanges, concepts such as three-gear-city, urban ghetto, multi-ethnicity, racism and racialization, relegation, inequity and repression will be tackled in order to radically change stereotypes used in art and culture.


The result of these discussions will be visible by the public through an installation that will be created in parallel as well as through specific actions in the city.


Jean Michel Bruyère

Multidisciplinary artist, Jean Michel Bruyère is a writer, film director, visual artist, photographer, theater director and graphic designer. He leads the group of international artistic interventions LFKs, bringing together intellectuals and artists of different nationalities and disciplines.

LFKs develop creative multidisciplinary spaces designed to question the contemporary world and its dominant ideology. These spaces are "lounges of strangeness", "rooms for thoughts", "chapels without devotion nor sorrow", where visitors can experience particular states of body and mind, surrounded, immersed in a world which penetrates them. The principle could be described as follows: we traverse, we look, we listen, we attend a performance of political theater in action and we come out of it different, transformed by a question which is now raised.


Workshop led by Thierry ARREDONDO, Goo BÂ, Martine BRUNOTT, Jean Michel BRUYÈRE, Jean-Paul CURNIER, Nadine FEBVRE, Delphine VARAS, member artists of the Collective LFKs

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