29 June 2020 to 5 July 2020
Bruxelles / Brussels
Common Dreams: Climate School

CIFAS invites Maria Lucia Cruz Correia to invent a temporary school for the climate in order to explore, analyse, understand, imagine and create alternatives to face climate changes. 

Facing the crisis linked to the spreading of Covid-19, CIFAS has decided to suspend all its activities planned until the summer. We are exploring alternatives to make them happen, more information will come soon.
Thank you in advance for your understanding.
Take care of yourself, your relatives and your neighbours, we hope that we can all take this opportunity to reflect upon the world we want for tomorrow.

Climate disaster is no longer an imagined world, it is part of the world’s colonial history and integral contributor to long- term devastating events in the planetary ecosystem. This workshop is focused on equality and justice between human and other then humans. How can we rethink society in a post-environmental world? What are the alternatives for socio-political and techno-economic inequality? How do we clean the mess we are in?

Looking at ways of storytelling, by imagining alternatives as utopian services for society: ways in which we can imagine other forms of coexistence as multispecies. What stories do will leave for the future generations? How to create a shared intergenerational knowledge? How to design utopian alternatives which are at service of other then human entities? How to be solidarity with non-human community? How to adapt and repair human-modified habitats?

More than referring to the aesthetic or functional qualities of human-made objects, here the concept of design performs the function of an “ontological device” that delineates the realm of the exclusively human, since humans and only humans—by design—can image new meaning.

Maria Lucia Correia Cruz

Correia's artistic work speaks her deep engagement for environmental crises and climate change. She reacts to the ecological crimes of our times by bringing audiences into a participatory environment that connects the artistic with the voices of scientists, activists and lawyers. Her actions tackle human disturbances by proposing clinical esthetics that unveil human and non-human interconnectivity. While proposing participatory articulations as temporary and autonomous platforms, Correia's work is informed by contemporary discourses on the anthropocene and environmental justice. Most of her projects are participatory tools as proposals for utopian public services to disrupt social immunity to environmental pollution. Since 2013, Correia is artist part of the program city residency in Vooruitkunstcentrum and her work is being supported by Imagine 2020 network. In 2017 she received the Roel Verniers Prijs at the Theaterfestival with her first theater piece Voice of nature: the trial and in 2020 she was
shortlisted for Coal prize with her most recent project Kinstitute.

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