5 April 2016 to 13 April 2016
La Balsamine
The Chorus

Bring together a diversity of INDIVIDUALS creating one common body.

Work on a fringe of LANGUAGE/VOICE, BODY/VOICE.

Build a BABEL TOWER of languages, discourses and voices

Marta Górnicka  invites artists of various fields: actors, singers, dancers, musicians, artists from different countries and speaking different languages, to create together a radical political statement around the subject of the CHORUS.
Using texts from newspapers, philosophical texts, ancient dramas, advertisements, pop songs, computer sounds or nursery rhymes proposed by participants, we will create a muli-language libretto and a new theatrical form, which will be an attempt to respond to the strengthening of neo-nationalistic discourse in Europe and the terror of contemporary language. A BABEL TOWER of languages, discourses and voices. The purpose will be to examine what happens between language and music, language and body/voice, language and gender.


Marta Gornicka
Marta develops technics of work and deepens critical strategies of work with the language/body in a concept of post-drama theatre chorus she created.
 Together with the group Chór Kobiet (The Chorus of Women), she has been working on performances in Warsaw since 2010. The birth of the group was accompanied by an idea to “regain female voice” and create a post-modern chorus theater – an esthetic, formal and ideological concept of theater, which merges western scene’s original strength of collective voice/body with contemporary critic of language as a tool of power.
The CHORUS asks questions about community, about the fact if and in what way “WE’’exists.
Cifas asks contemporary artists to illustrate its communication. 
Fabienne Loodts illustrated the workshop led by Marta Górnicka .
150€ (lunch included)
Applications before 18.03.2016
La Balsamine
1 Rue Félix Marchal
1030 Brussels
5 > 13 April 2016

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