18 June 2018 to 22 June 2018

Nick Steur will gather 8 artists during 5 days in Brussels to create art, without any tools nor technology, only bodies, sensibility and creativity, in situ. 

Working with the Current

“I would like to take this opportunity to lay down my agenda, my phone and computer. Let's switch off our future oriented minds. Let's just observe again. Let's really take time and discover again.
I'd like to find some raw creativity. Let's forget about our past education and diplomas, future reviews and what audiences might be going to think.
Let's work again no, play again, without focusing on result. Let's play with the current, the billions of things already moving in and around us. Let's take a walk. Let's sit in this strange looking corner for an hour and watch the shadows change.
Let's also leave the black and white box and just work out there, in the wild city jungle or urban nature.
Let's be creative and responsive again. Use our hearts and hands yes use our hands!
Let's intentionally become our most sensitive and vulnerable self. I want to be inspired, having that mindset again that anything can happen.
I want to be open, be ready to react as an artist. In any space, with any material, at any time.
Let's practise our artistic views as sensitive creative beings during normal, random daily life. We have the freedom to react as artists at any time.
We work with the materials we find. An odd shaped tree branch. A lost scarf or a lost soul asking for the way to the metro... We don't know what we will find and that's the beauty of it.
Let's work with the current and thereby feed each other with our unique ways of viewing the world. »

Nick Steur, March 2018. 

Workshop in Brussels

Nick Steur will gather 8 artists from various disciplines to work together during 5 days in Brussels.
Each artist has got its own autonomous work/research/project somewhere but will submerge together with the group in a specific space-time, looking for a collective or individual work to be done during those few days.
Art inspired by, created with and presented on location, in situ. A work based on no premeditated ideas.
Spaces and places of research are many and varied. The inspiration comes unexpected, from meeting specific locations, within the city. The group moves through the city, stopping in seen or hidden spots, rediscovering places which are well known or yet to be discovered. Spaces won’t be conquered, but are to be approached humbly, leading to a more embodied connection with the materials / spaces the artists are working with.
The intention is to connect art, audience and location in a more organic way.

Less is more
There won’t be any electronic technology, machinery nor equipment used during the research. No drills, no beamers, no phones.
These criteria will limit and expand the possibilities at the same time: artists are forced to perceive and engage locations in a new way. They are invited to rethink methodologies that lies at the core of their own artistic practice. Less elements to create powerful and honest artworks.

Nick Steur

Nick Steur (Nijmegen, 1982) is a Dutch performance / visual artist working primarily with materials such as stone, sand, steel and water.
Amongst other prizes and nominations Nick Steur won the ‘Laureate young theatre’ at TAZ festival in Belgium and the ‘Scotsman Fringe First’ for best new writing at the Edinburgh Fringe in the U.K.
Through his work, Nick Steur brings us back to the ‘here and now’ and experience things we might take for granted in a completely different way.
Currently he is living in Maastricht and supported by SoAP, Art Happens, Workspace Brussels and the Performing Arts Fund in the Netherlands


Cifas asks contemporary artists to illustrate its communication. Cécile Deglain illustrated the workshop led by Nick Steur.

Belgian-French illustrator born in 1986, Cécile draws and paints since always. She likes to mix the realism of drawings and photos, to a spontaneous graphic expression. Halfway between abstract and figurative, the originality of her work comes from the variety of techniques she uses. Her specialty is the integration of photographic elements in images which were first worked as watercolor or painting, giving them more life and realism.

Subscriptions : 75 € (Lunch included)
Applications (CV + letter of intention) to submit directly on this webpage before 31/05/2018
Artists from different fields
To be confirmed Brussels
Monday 22 > Friday 28 June 2018
10:00 > 18.00
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