27 September 2017 to 1 October 2017

The Art of Gathering
27.09 > 01.10.2017
La Bellone, Bruxelles, Molenbeek, Anderlecht

SIGNAL, the meeting place in Brussels to discuss living art in the city, is back at the end of Septembre to explore what brings us together and what makes us move. Us: family, pack, gang, group, clan, community, class or society, we are not the same as soon as we are many.

In order to think and heal the wounds of the City – the recent ones resulting of terrorism, leaving us in a security convalescence, the ones resulting of the social wrench, trying to divide us, the ones of the pollution peaks which spares no districts – the challenge must be taken up commonly, the common being itself one of the biggest challenge.

What do we share in common?
How do we act in concert?
How do we gather, together?

Programme under construction.
Stay tuned and save the dates!


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