Parc de Bruxelles
FREEZE - 50 sculptures 100 stones

For a whole day on a long stretch of grass in the Royal Park, Dutch performer and visual artist Nick Steur creates fifty sculptures. 

Each scuplture is composed of two natural stones chosen by the passers-by within 100 dedicated stones. 

Nick Steur then enters the greatest concentration to make them hold one on top of the other in balance on a metal stud.

With laborious precision, he orchestrates an intimate relationship between natural forces, injecting poetry into the flow of the city through his slow gestures. His meticulous attention to these raw materials invites the public to slow down and join him in a world of stone and metal.

Playing with gravity, Nick Steur constantly renews the composition, between movement and stability.

Nick Steur

Nick Steur (Nijmegen, 1982) is a Dutch artist working primarily with ‘direct’ materials such as stone, sand, steel and water. Though many think of him primarily as a visual artist, Steur is keen on the ‘live’ aspect of performance: “I think it’s important that spectators become aware of the present, and their own presence in it.” Rather than grand gestures or symbolism, his actions appear mainly functional; connecting steel, moving a boulder or catching a drop of water… however through skill and intense focus he is able to reconnect an inner dialogue with an external reality. This holistic approach succeeds in communicating subtle changes in time and space, and perhaps in people.

Photo: Alastair Bett


Parc de Bruxelles
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