10 May 2017 to 13 May 2017
De Markten
Producers Academy

The Producers' Academy returns for the second consecutive year in Brussels and offers a new international training programme focused on entrepreneurship for Belgian, European and international producers in the performing arts (theater, dance, street arts, circus, performance).

How to implement artistic collaborations at European and at international levels? Which networks and sources of funding are available? What are the legal frameworks of reference in Europe and internationally? What are the most relevant and effective methodologies and tools? What are the socio-economic issues at stake in the age of cultural entrepreneurship?

These questions will be particularly tackled during 4 days within workshops devoted to international productions. Through sessions facilitated by experts and practitioners, we will approach practical aspects of international collaborations including administrative, legal and financial issues. We will also discuss the subject in a more conceptual manner, while questioning innovative production models that reinvent the global cultural landscape.

The programme will be articulated around presentations by professionals, exchange and sharing of experiences sessions as well as presentations of working tools. A programme of performances will be organised in the evenings at kunstenfestivaldesarts.

The workshops will be held exclusively in English.
Lunch will be served everyday.
Registration is free of charge, participants will be selected upon application.

Benoit Vreux, Director of CIFAS

A new edition in partnership with the EU funded project, Creative Tracks
The Producers Academy is a project by CIFASOn the MoveMoDul and Kunstenfestivaldesarts
Organised within the scope of Creative Tracks, with the support of the European UnionWallonie Bruxelles InternationalShenzen Design WeeAsia-Europe Foundation and De Markten.

Interviews of the participants:

Izan Satrina Mohd Sallehuddin
Vassilia Van Der Heyden 
arina Quesada 
laudio Sodi and Sandra Lapkovska
akan Silahsizoglu and Jamie Wu




International entrepreneurship models and strategies in the performing arts’ sector

1) To reflect on and share cultural entrepreneurship practices to support the international dimension of performing arts
2) To learn more about administrative, legal and funding matters related to international collaborations/co-productions/cultural projects
3) To discover and connect with international performing art professionals as well as cultural networks and markets in Europe and worldwide

Approach to share, learn and connect:

- Mix of presentations, peer-to-peer learning sessions and networking encounters
- Connection with the European and international networks
- Compilation and analysis of relevant resources and toolkits/guides for the participants
- Interactive daily feed based on the participants’ exchanges – to be shared on the Creative Tracks’ Platform

General timeframe:
Wednesday 10 > Friday 12 May
9.30 > 18.00: Presentations and peer-to-peer learning sessions (excluding networking event and performances)
Saturday 13 May
10.00 > 12.00: What’s next?

- Judith Knight, Director; ArtsAdmin, United Kingdom
Cristina Farinha, Independent expert in cultural/creative industries and cultural entrepreneurship, Portugal
- Dr. Dick Molenaar, All Arts tax adviser, The Netherlands.
- Eva Wilsens, International producer, Halles de Schaerbeek, Belgium.
- Marina Quesada, artist, producer, Plataforma LODO, Argentina. 
- Representatives from IETM-International Network for Contemporary Performing Arts and Asian Producers’ Platform

Chrissie Faniadis, Board member, Fresh Arts Coalition Europe, Sweden. 

List to be continued…



Criteria of eligibility:
Producers’ Academy is open to:

Criteria 1: People from any nationality
Criteria 2:  People who have at least three years of experience as a producer* in the performing arts sector** (particularly in relation to the international development of their organisation, company, association etc.)
Criteria 3: Producers/Cultural entrepreneurs who have developed or are in the process of developing innovative way(s) to support creation in an international dimension and/or with a trans-sectorial approach (performing arts and social engagement, performing arts and climate change issues etc.)
Criteria 4: The event will be held exclusively in English. Therefore, participants need to be able to understand, communicate and dream in English.

* Producer: supervises, supports, follows and/or finances an artist or a collective/company.
** Performing arts: Is excluded from this definition operatic and music-only related projects.

Financial conditions:
- Application is free of charge but each applicant, in parallel to his/her application, shall register for free on the Creative Tracks’ platform: http://www.creativetracks.org/quick-sign-up***
- There is a limited funding allocation for travels and/or accommodation for participants who need it. Please mention it in the application form if you need it.
- Once selected, the programme is free of charge for participants (lunches included and special evening programmes when available)

Online applications only! 
Deadline: 23 February 2017

*** Creative Tracks aims to connect existing networks of young entrepreneurs active in the cultural and creative sectors across the world. While registering online, you will be able to connect for free to hundreds of entrepreneurs active worldwide and to share your projects in the cultural and creative sectors.




On the Move is the cultural mobility information network active in Europe and worldwide.
On the Move signposts on a free, regular and updated manner funding opportunities for the mobility of artists and cultural professionals – all disciplines covered – in Europe and worldwide. Thanks to its members’ and partners’ expertise, On the Move also shares information on key challenges related to cultural mobility (eg. visas, social protection, taxation, environmental issues).
Beyond this information channel, On the Move facilitates training, workshop and/or makes public presentations on cultural mobility issues. It also advises on internationalisation of practices and organisations in partnership with cultural bodies, agencies, networks, foundations etc. The On the Move network has recently started to work on evaluations and impacts’ studies related to artists’ mobility.
On the Move is one of the partners of the EU funded project, Creative Tracks together with KEA European Affairs, Visiting Arts, Inovamais, Addict, Librios, Roberto Cimetta Fund and Baltan Laboratories.

The International Centre for Training in the Performing Arts, CIFAS, was born thirty years ago, in order to provide performing artists and professionals with the opportunities to develop their practice by meeting and confronting internationally renowned artists and cultural operators. The current project CIFAS, initiated in 2009, intends to continue this legacy, adapted to the changing contemporary arts scene, in particular by extending its activities to all the arts and opening access to creative artists. CIFAS develops a training programme in the performing arts (theatre, dance, circus, live art, playwriting, in situ work, production...) aimed at artists – creators and performers as well as cultural operators. This in-service training programme mainly takes the form of workshops, symposiums or seminars led by international artists and operators. CIFAS also organises SIGNAL, a yearly event to discuss and discover the complex relations between art and public space, and edits an electronic magazine called Klaxon about the relation between living art and the city. 

MoDul is a new Belgian artist support organisation travelling all around the world with theatre, dance and street art projects. Interdisciplinary by nature, flexible by choice: MoDul is a resource centre for creators and companies. It thinks, produces, distributes, communicates, invents and reinvents the “thousand ways” to make an artistic project happen. True swarm of production professionals, MoDul is also a platform for exchanges of knowledge, training and circulation of information on the performing arts sector. Based in Brussels and in Wallonia, it also offers rehearsals spaces for residencies and consulting sessions for any artist working in Belgium.

Kunstenfestivaldesarts is an international arts festival dedicated to contemporary creations: theatre, dance, performance, film, and visual arts. It takes place in May of every year, with presentations in some 20 theatres and arts centres, as well as in public spaces throughout Brussels. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts comprises a selection of artistic works created by Belgian and international artists: remarkable new projects that translate the artists’ personal visions of the world. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts is a cosmopolitan city festival. Part of a complex network of communities, it serves to increase the porosity of territorial, linguistic, and cultural divides. The Kunstenfestivaldesarts happens in Brussels, the only city in Belgium inhabited by the country’s two largest language communities. Fundamentally conceived as a bilingual undertaking, the festival contributes to encouraging dialogue.

Free of charge.
Applications closed (23 February 2017).
De Markten
Rue du Vieux Marché aux Grains 5
1000 Brussels
10 May 2017 - 9:30 > 22:00
11 May 2017 - 9:30 > 22:00
12 May 2017 - 9:30 > 22:00
13 May 2017 - 9:30 > 22:00
(This schedule includes presentations, peer-to-peer learning sessions, networking event and performances)

If you do not receive an email confirming we have received your application, please contact Cifas: