21 September 2022 to 23 September 2022
Brussels, in + out

Barefoot in the 'weeds', Feral invites you for a 3-day programme to observe, mingle and think together about the mutations of art in public space. This year, we invite the rural around the table.

Signal becomes FERAL
Interventions in public space / knowledges / tactics during 3 days in Brussels

At stake: sensitive provocations, changes of perspective, futuring games as well as a bit of dirt under our fingernails.

The city has long been considered the space of artistic freedom par excellence, but the privatisation of space experienced during the peaks of the pandemic and the threat of a land that had become uninhabitable accelerated the great rural revival. We leave the city to take care of the land and experience other possible ways of life.

And yes, artists are caught up in this movement. Some leave the city, others create new circulations. New forms and fruitful imaginations are born from these contexts. Meanwhile, in the city and its outskirts, eco-poetics and wildness are also making their way. Artists and activists create works more together and in solidarity with neighbours, sparrow, eagle fern and common daisy.

Is the binary and massive opposition between urban and rural being overcome? What if it was also in the city that our relationship with nature was reinvented?

Come and participate in recomposing the idea of public space, blurring the boundaries of rural and urban.

Soon more information on our brand new website. Stay tuned!


Performances, conversations, screenings, rituals, walks and a ride on the waterbus: We will share our stories, we will go to the borders of the city, we will exchange on alternative models, we will raise questions of privilege, we will question the gentrification of the countryside, we will learn from the soil, we will build new commons, we will confront the politics of food production, distribution and consumption by visiting the shelves of our local supermarket, we will plant seeds and ideas and we will celebrate… and this is not even a metaphor.

Starting from the rue de Flandre, we will then walk and navigate towards the outskirts of the city, to the fields of Neder-over-Hembeek and even beyond, wading the different waters of new imaginaries.

Day #1 - 21/09: morning presentations and exchanges at Bellone and afternoon at the urban farm of the Ferme du Début des Harictos via the canal waterbus.

Day #2 - 22/09: outdoor exchanges and workshops at the urban farm of the Début des Haricots.

Day #3 - 23/09: let's go to the field and celebrate the equinox! (Open Akker, Dilbeek)

With Pamina de Coulon (CH), Phoebe Davies (UK), Bram Van Cauwenberghe (BE) & Amy Franceschini & Livia Cahn from open akker (BE), Zoe Palmer (UK), Sam Trotman (UK), Mickael Labbé (FR), Alessandra Coppola (IT), Camille Gigot from La Semeuse / Laboratoires d'Aubervilliers (FR), Oscar Cassamayor (BE), Wapke Feenstra from myvillages (NL), Alicja Rogolska (PL), Kinch for Super Terram (BE) and more to be confirmed.

Practical information

The festival is free but registration is required.

Registration will be open from 25 August on this same page.

More information: cifas@cifas.be


Feral is a new proposal from Cifas, a place of experimentation and co-learning for art in the city and its edges.

Feral: relating to an animal or a plant having reverted to a wild state, especially after escaping domestication or captivity. Also said for plants that grow in the interstices.

Free (lunch included), upon registration.
21 > 23.09.2022
La Bellone + Ferme urbaine du début des haricots + Open Akker

If you do not receive an email confirming we have received your application, please contact Cifas: