The text our environments need dramaturgy! was written following the seminar dramaturgies urbaines, spatiales, écologiques given by Pauline de La Boulaye in February 2023 invited by Cifas and La Bellone. This seminar was part of a cycle called 'Dramaturgy practices' organised by La Bellone.

It's an invitation to break down the separation between artistic practice and action on the environment, to provoke other relationships with our places and resources. Pauline de La Boulaye hopes that it will fuel our desire to create new artistic, social and environmental situations.

Pauline de La Boulaye has a degree in contemporary history and social sciences. Since 1998, she has produced exhibitions, artistic programmes and projects for cities, cultural institutions and foundations, and published several books. A critic for the general and specialist arts and architecture press, she lectures at the Institut pour l'étude du langage plastique in Brussels from 2012 to 2016 and in higher education (master CARE at the académie royale des beaux-arts & centrale for contemporary art; le Septantecinq; La Cambre). French and European, she has lived in Brussels since 2008, where her curatorial practice is rooted in urban projects that foster links between residents, the arts and cities. She recently co-edited two scientific volumes based on participatory action-research processes, in collaboration with artists, architects, institutions and associations: Being Urban, pour l'art dans la ville Iselp - cfc éditions; architectures! Inventaire collectif éditions Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles - Cellule archi. In 2022, she is urban dramaturge for the European project An Ideal City, microdanses & mutations urbaines, a co-production between Les Halles de Schaerbeek, the Athens Opera and the Italian dance foundation Aterballetto. To know more → her website