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Confronted with terror, what can art do? “Care” was one of the options explored, here by Joan Tronto. This issue also echoes artistic approaches that focus on interactive forms in society in the interest of the other, integrating the notion of care—without yielding to sentimentality in any form.

Table of contents

Between Care and Terror

Antoine Pickels & Benoit Vreux

Caring and Terrorism - The Living Arts in the City

Joan Tronto

Zina - From the Individual to the Universal

Myriam Sahraoui

Striving for Peace

Elvira Santamaría Torres

Anna Rispoli - Giving Voice to Public Space

Martina Angelotti

La Part de l’Autre - The Minor Gesture by Sofiane and Selma Ouissi

Ophélie Naessens

Encounters, or Other Things in their Place In Budapest, PLACCC Reinvents the Csepel Factories

Andrea Rádai