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For some years now, we have been witnessing the "singular" resurrection of ideas of sharing, the principles of pooling as well as collective actions and the reinvention of community rules. But, as the American philosopher Judith Butler has underlined, whenever people come together in public space, it is often to demonstrate about the fact that they are being deprived access to it, or that their rights have been flouted or threatened: hence, these gathering are at once an expression of resistance and a sign of vulnerability.

Table of contents

The City Together

Antoine Pickels & Benoit Vreux

For an Art of the Common

Peggy Pierrot

IIndisciplinarte in Terni - Triggering Common Sense, Cultivating a Sense of the Common

Linda Di Pietro & Chiara Organtini

Ēt qwè, carnaval doûci? - The Oranges’ Carrier

Robin Pourbaix

ArtO2, fresh air in Mumbai- Relational Investigations between Art and the City

Leandre D’Souza

A Night with hello!earth - Collectively Dreaming to Create

Carlos Sánchez

Public Space is Never Empty… - Chișinău’s Urban Artivism

Vitalie Sprînceană