Practical Programme
Nov Nov 2014
la Casquette

Cifas proposes you to meet Agnès Limbos and Christian Carrignon around Theater with performing objects.

Agnès Limbos et Christian Carrignon

The concept "Theatre with Performing Objects" appeared 20 years ago. Of course, this form of contemporary poetic theatre has ancestors: we can go back to the origins of film editing, to Duchamp, Surrealists, new Realists...

The manufactured obect has taken a central place in our everyday life behaviour, it seems normal that it goes on stage as well. 

"The Actor Facing the Object"

Agnès Limbos and Christian Carrignon propose an "exploraroty" laboratory to develop particular universes which can outcome from the presence of both the actor and the object. Through warming ups, improvisations and personal works, the workshop will be a way to continue the movement into the material, to learn and perceive what the material tells us: understanding the signs while looking for ratio of power and complicity which can establish between the living and the inanimated. The object will be approached through its singular poetic: metaphorical, symbolic, suggestive objects... 

Alongside the collective work, it will be possible for everyone to develop a project. Each day, some time will be devoted to personal elaborations of participants. At the end of the workshop, the group will make a presentation of their work.

Theatre with Performing Objects

When we say "Object", we talk about the objects which were or are part of our everyday life with all the nostalgic or imaginative value they contain. This notion can be extended to natural materiel and other things. The visual impact is immediate. They are elements which come out as such in life, without any transformation, landing on stage, chosen by the manipulator or by chance. A theatre without backstage, using metaphre, symbolism or suggestion, always going for byways. Theatre performing with Objects allow to tell stories and to change quickly places, dimensions, scales, visions and perspective.

Agnès Limbos et Christian Carrignon

Agnès Limbos Agnès Limbos founded the Company Gare Centrale in 1984, of which she is the artistic director. She has created 11 original shows developing her artistic approach to the object theatre and the actor/manipulator.

Passinate about theatre, discovering miniatures objects in soap boxes and being very much into contemplating trees and skies, she spends some of her childhood in Africa, then studies political and philosophical sciences. Being more into traveling than university, she starts a personal roving which brings her to the Theatre School of Jacques Lecoq at the end of the seventies, then to Mexico, and finally to Brussels where she created her own Company Gare Centrale.  

In her shows and collaborations, Agnès Limbos tries to produce popular theatre of quality, full of feelings, taking as a starting point the duality between fairyland/reality, the tragic/comical universe, the force of the instinct and the search for a visual and body language always changing. In few words, she makes performing, entertaining, moving and warm theatre.

She works as an author, actress, director and acompanies young creators in their research. 

All her performances have been distinguished and presented in numerous festivals in over 25 countries.


Christian Carrignon Christian Carrignon – CC. The same initials as Christopher Columbus and like him, left-handed.

In short, forever elsewhere, ready for great adventures, head in the clouds, if you like…

In 1968, Christian was 20 years old and studying History and Geography. History is a bit like time, Geography, a bit like space. He found his path: theatre, where space and time can be meekly led on “to lie”.

He trained on the stage of Théâtre de la Mama in Paris, Théâtre de la Clairière, brushed with Grotowski…

He then joined the Echelle company to bring puppets to life. And of course CC couldn’t help but kick the booth over. Today, over 30 productions signpost the path the company has taken, productions that draw their inspiration from the plastic arts and film montage. Some of these productions are like secret landmarks, like seven little white pebbles: Catalogue de Voyage, Opération Jules Verne, Mémoire de Mammouth, Shakespeare-Perrault, La répétition : une Odyssée, Une veillée singulière and Théâtre d’objet : mode d’emploi.

CC has also signed external productions for companies such as Anima Théâtre and Cie Avant la fin… And he holds workshops with professionals on the metaphorization of the object on stage and takes part in seminars and lectures on Object Theatre.

Illustration by Julie Joseph

The Cifas asks contemporary artists to illustrate its communication. Julie Joseph illustrated "The Actor Facing the Object". Collector, she disposes and gathers images in fairytales. Illustrator graduated in Graphic Communication at ENSAV La Cambre in 2011, she lives and works in Brussels.