Practical Programme
Apr Apr 2014
Carthago Delenda Est

Ricci/Forte, are two Italian dramaturges and directors. Their theatre explores the cruelty of contemporary world marked by obsessions of the new millenium and the quest for eternal youth.


Ricci/Forte, are two Italian dramaturges and directors. Their theatre explores the cruelty of contemporary world marked by obsessions of the new millenium and the quest for eternal youth. Between pop culture, fable and myth, their writing is as demanding as their work on the body, ultimate boundary of human emotions.

Through their theater, they seek to question human condition by exploring hypocritical relationships, diplomatic ballets, lack of morals and injustices and restitute onstage the alienation of humans nowadays.

Cifas invites Ricci/Forte to lead a one week workshop for a dozen professional actors, performers and dancers. Based on improvisation and physical training (by Marco Angelilli), Ricci/Forte intends to explore their work "Benath the Roses".

Beneath the Roses

A short-circuit between myth and our present, suspended as if time did not exist, as if it were a cohabitant of eternity.

An initiatory path beneath the epidermis of Ludovico Ariosto (the universal and contemporary obsessions of "Orlando Furioso") and Chuck Palahniuk's universe. A thorny diagram on the contradictions, collapses, identities of man today.

A realm of mediocrity, degeneration of ethics that forms_crashes_stands back and takes a new shape through the incessant taste of life and its infinite variations of survival.

With this work we would like to tell ourselves, a XXI generation, who bites his own heart to fill the abyss of loneliness that grows visibly. No more stories about characters, or events to be worn as clothes in a sale of Zara and H&M but fragments, our pure and simple skin to be removed to reveal the ferocity of our fallibility: a search on the tumults of our passions, understood as an escape from any gag of role.

A vertigo that prevents us from finding our beloved ideal tightrope walker, leaving us swinging on the trapeze of multiple relationships without a net, without a sense, that accompany us throughout our lives. A trip on the desperate vitality of feelings, on the need to bridge the gaps left by cannibalism of failures. How can all this not create fury, stunning?!

The download has started: what is the percentage of lies, caresses, promises do we have to swallow to pretend to be a real human being?


Ricci/Forte, alias Stefano Ricci and Gianni Forte, were both trained at the Silvio D’Amico National Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome and at the New York University.

They won drama awards such as Premio Studio 12, Oddone Cappellino, Vallecorsi, Fondi-La Pastora and Hystrio. TROIA'S DISCOUNT was shown in 2006. They were invited by the French Embassy for "Face à Face" with Olivier Py. In June 07, "Mare in Catene" was produced by Biennale Danza/Venezia, in partnership with Teatro La Scala/Milano. They are part of the Osservatorio Critico for Premio Scenario. They presented "Metamorphotel" at the International Festival Castel dei Mondi. The debut of "100% Furious" took place in 2008. During the season 08/09 "Ploutos", directed by Massimo Popolizio and produced by Teatro di Roma, was awarded with the Critics Prize as best drama at Biennale Teatro/Venezia. In 2009 "Abbastarduna", directed by David Bobée, was presented at Théatre des Bernardines/Marseille. "Macadamia Nut Brittle" debuted at Garofano Verde. As a coproduction with CSS/Udine, they presented "Pinter's Anatomy". In 2010 "Troilo vs Cressida" debuted at Spoleto’s Festival dei Due Mondi and the performance "Some disordered Christmas Interior Geometries" at Fondazione Alda Fendi Esperimenti/Roma. In 2011, as a coproduction with "TPP", "Grimmless", and "Immitaionofdeath", coproduced by Centrale Fies/Dro, debuted.


The Cifas asks contemporary artists to illustrate its communication. Annabelle Guetatra illustrated the workshop "Beneath the Roses".