Workshops on international production and distribution in performing arts.

Producers' Academy

Workshops on international production and distribution in performing arts. Organised by the Cifas in collaboration with the Kunstenfestivaldesarts and The Brigittines.

How does one implement European or international collaborations? What type of funding and networks exist? What is the legal framework in Europe, and beyond? What are the methodologies and the most relevant and effective tools?
  We will focus on these questions during three half-day workshops on international productions conducted by professionals and experts on legal and financial questions.
  The workshops will be held in English.

09.05– Strategies and Networking: how to build an international artistic project and make it durable?

13h30 > 16h00 – How to build international projects and develop strong partnerships Speaker: CARAVAN Production (BE)
  Caravan Production is a production and management agency for artists in the performing arts and all possible crossovers, offering services that range from (pre- and post-) production over administration and financial supervision to promotion.

Objectives of the training session:
  • To test the project and define its positioning, its objectives and approach

• To evaluate the project’s impacts in the construction, consolidation and / or development of its structure (meaning, mission, activities, work rate, team…)

• To identify and select the right partners

• To plan your project and develop an action plan

• The organizational tools (budget, planning, communication between partners, risk sharing, defining roles and responsibilities amongst partners )

• To identify potential hurdles and difficulties

16h00 > 18h00 – Strategies to produce and promote productions internationally Speaker: Delphine Vuattoux, Production Director, Théâtre des Amandiers (FR)
  Delphine Vuattoux is a Production Director at the Théâtre des Amandiers, Centre Dramatique National in Nanterre near Paris, under the direction of Philippe Quesne and Nathalie Vimeux . Strongly focused on new scenic writings and contemporary creation, and open to the cinema and the visual arts, the Théâtre des Amandiers co-products international creations and hosts foreign artistic teams several times a season. As a real theater factory, many shows, after their creation at Les Amandiers, circulate on tour in France and abroad.

Objectives of the training session:
  • Strategies to increase the project’s creation possibilities, distribution, sales at international scale and reception of international productions

• Financial and contractual negotiation strategies

• Strategies to address differences in terms of methodology and approaches amongst partners

• Implementation modalities of an international tour

• Hosting a foreign artistic team/foreign artistic production 

Show: Philippe Quesnes, La nuit des taupes – Kaaitheater – 20h30 (tickets offered by the Cifas within the limit of the number of seats negociated)

**10.05– Artistic mobility and funding: how to finance international projects? **

13h30 > 16h00 – Focus on the "Creative Europe" program, functioning and selection criteria Speaker: Barbara Gessler (or someone from her team), Head of Unit at the European Agency Culture, Education and Audiovisual
  Barbara Gessler is currently the Head of Unit Culture for the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). She was previously Head of Press at the European Economic and Social Committee, where she had worked since 2009. Previously, she was a representative of the European Commission in Berlin and in Bonn, and for the Directorate-General of Information, Communication, Culture and Audiovisual Media. She worked in the European Parliament before joining the European Commission in 1994. She graduated from the College of Europe.

Objectives of the training session:
  • Presentation of the programme, its philosophy and objectives 

• The evaluation criteria related to the different components

• The resources required to submit a project (financial, partnerships,…)

16h00 > 18h00 –International mobility funding Speaker: Marie Le Sourd, General Secretary of On The Move Network & independent expert in international cooperation (FR)
  Marie Le Sourd manages the network since 2012 after being appointed programme and cultural project coordinator at the  Europe-Asia Foundation in Singapore (1999-2006) and managed the French Cultural Centre of Yogyakarta in Indonesia (2006-2011). 
  On the Move is the cultural mobility information network for artists and professionals across Europe and beyond. In addition to funding opportunities information, On The Move conveys information and ressources on questions regarding visas, social protection, taxation and environmental topics related to mobility. Besides, On the Move co-organises or is involved in information sessions, trainings and/or events in partnership with its member organizations and external partners.

Objectives of the training session:
  • Identify funding trends for artists and cultural professional mobility and think beyond the distribution

• To identify complementary programmes to European programmes (Cross-financing )

• To present both public and private funding possibilities to international mobility (Europe, Asia , the Arab world , USA, Africa)

Show: Toshiki Okada, chelfitsch, Time's Journey through a room – Beursschouwburg -20h30 (tickets offered by the Cifas within the limit of the number of seats negociated)

11.05- Legal and regulatory framework of the international mobility of artists and creations

Speakers: Eva Wilsens, Production Director, Halles de Schaerbeek (BE) Expert in international Legal and Fiscal matters from PEARLE* Network
  Eva Wilsens is an expert in international productions. She’s currently working for the Halles de Schaerbeek, formerly for the KunstenFestivaldesArts and as freelance. 

Pearle*-Live Performance Europe is the European federation representing through its members and associations about 4,000 theatres, theatre production companies, orchestras and music ensembles, opera houses, ballet and dance companies, festivals, concerthalls, venues and other organisations within the performing arts and music sector across Europe.

Pearle*-Live Performance Europe acts as a forum for exchanging information of relevance to members, for sharing experiences and expertise in cultural management and technical skills (fiscal and legal matters, social legislation work requirement…).

Objectives of the training session:

• Legal requirements (visa, work permit)

• Social legislation

• Contractualisation

• Taxation