Take pieces of reality and pass them on.

Take pieces of reality and pass them on is a polite way of saying "staging reality".

This implies selecting as a first step: what are the pieces that we want to cut and prepare for the others? It will be the opportunity to address notions of appetite, intellectual greediness, and to raise the question: how to make use of this appetite, this greediness in order to transform them into tools detecting flows and tensions?

Once the materials have been selected, the work will be divided into two parts:
-Work on the background: what are the theoretical bricks required for the construction of the argument, the shaping, which path of thinking should be used to start exploring and preparing our piece?
-Work on the form: what are the salient features of the piece(s) that can be exploited on a formal level?

We will try to go back and forth between the two parts to finally make the amused observation that they are actually one and the same.

The workshop will be led by Antoine Defoort, Julien Fournet and Hans Bryssinck.