Cifas is partnering with the Montagne Magique Theatre to offer workshops to 16-20 years old people in order to reflect together on the notion of the invisible.

Between visible and invisible

Have you ever felt invisible? Or on the contrary, too visible? What do you see that others don't see? How to make visible what is not visible?

By meeting a magician, a dark web explorer, an activist, by walking in a ZAD (zone to defend) or in your neighbourhood, by visiting "Les Abeilles de l'invisible" (Mac's), we will go in search of those who are invisible.

The Academy for the Future aims to give a voice to young people aged 16 to 20. It is not a theatre workshop, it is not a training, it is a place of research, meeting and creation. A space to be invented together in which each one will invent with the others, his or her place, his or her role and the tools necessary for the experimentation of the invisible fields that the group will have chosen.


Free of charge. 
Subscriptions possible until June 2020, welcome all year long!

Next meetings:

  • Tuesday 28 January : 17h30 > 20h30
  • Tuesday 11 February : 17h30 > 20h30
  • Thursday 20 February : 17h30 > 20h30
  • Tuesday 03 March : 17h30 > 20h30
  • Saturday 14 March : 10h00 > 20h00