In this performance, 8 actors sing, chant and narrate patachitras, narrative art devices sung and drawn on a scroll

Dominique Roodthooft / Le corridor

Patua Nou

### Patua Nou is inspired by the custom of the "patachitras", narrative art devices, sung and drawn on a roll. In Brussels, they tell stories about exile.

The "patua", storytellers from West Bengal, tell and sing their story by unrolling scrolls on which the stories have been previously illustrated.

Dominique Roodthooft transposes this principle of pictorial narrative to create new stories related to the theme of exile in its broadest sense.

Exile as a vital movement towards the elsewhere.

The idea is to draw inspiration from the stories, testimonies, poems of people who have lived or experienced exile up close.

There will be life stories sung and drawn to address different types of exile: economic exile - or how a man without work escapes the misery of his country to find a job elsewhere -, political exile - or how a man flees his native country to escape tyrannical power -, the chosen exile - or how a successful exile questions the unenviable fate of newcomers -, inner exile - or how psychological suffering can be a factor in the world around us -, the exile of exile - or how an exile can cut off his descendants -, the absence of exile - or how an ingrained person can question movement -, the exile of the other - or how the other can exile the one who is not like him -, the poetic exile - or how to make an ode to travellers on all sides.

The patachitras will be sung, chanted and told in the original language of the actor. 

Patua Nou

Sunday 8 September 2019
15h > 17h
Vismet (Marché aux poissons) / Marché aux porcs / Quai à la Houille...
The performance is presented non stop from 3 until 5 pm, and it is also possible to see all songs as a single journey.
Several departures will be oganised during the performance, the first departure is at 3pm at the Pigeon Soldat monument (Quai aux Barques 1).

Dominique Roodthooft


Dominique Roodthooft's work is based on stage writing or editing texts that are often not theatrical.

Influenced by her first profession as a social worker in the field of pedagogy, her creations touch on "real life". Among them, L'Opéra bégue produced by LOD in Ghent (Theatre Prize 2004, Best Set Design); Smatch 1 (2009) which will be presented at the Festival IN d'Avignon (2010) and Smatch 2 (2011) which will both be created at the Kunstenfestivaldesarts. Smatch 3 the last opus is created in 2013 at KVS. Rather than a series, Smatch is a principle, a narrative principle, a way of working on both form and content. That is to create bridges between art, science and philosophy in a playful form of counterfoot in order to fight against the powerlessness and despair in which we are placed.

Her various research into materials to think the world on stage also nourished the Thinker's corner (2016), an experience of living art and shared knowledge in the public space and Cocoon! (2018), a play about an attempt to "connect the world(s) rather than separate them".

At the same time, she provides artistic support for Les Vies en Soi, a series of seven performance narratives by Patrick Corillon.


Creation : Dominique Roodthooft
Song writing : Pierre Kissling
Dramaturgy : Patrick Corillon, Isabelle Dumont et Valérie Perin
Play and singing : Charlotte Allen, Audric Chapus, Nora Dolmans, Isabelle Dumont, Emilie Franco, Shana Mpunga, Anna Solomin, Fiona Willemaers
Scenography : Valérie Perin and Rüdiger Flörke
Infography : Raoul Lhermitte
Drawings : Anne Brugni, Hélène Drénou, François Godin, Pascal Lemaître, Céline Thoué, Camille Van Hoof, Lasse Wandschneider, Cyrille Aron, Nausicaa Gournay