The fourth edition of the Producers’ Academy, training program focused on international production in the performing arts that took place in May 2019.

Producers' Academy 2019

Created in 2016 by Cifas, the Producers’ Academy is proposed in the frame of Kunstenfestivaldesarts in Brussels. Professional producers take part in a three days programme, following conferences, workshops and peer-to-peer learning sessions about their practice nowadays. The Producers’ Academy is a sharing network, a moving toolbox connected to the individual and collective realities of the international cultural sector.

Questions about international production, its definition and functioning are raised:

How can professional producers deploy their skills as cultural ambassadors?
How to internationalize a project?
How to adapt budgets and negotiation methods to specific cultural contexts? 
How to set up sustainable networks of collaboration for international production?
How to work efficiently while respecting and understanding different cultural partners?

In 2018, production was specifically approached through the prism of care, one of the fundamental concepts of feminism. The Producers’ Academy continues to build up on this theme by discussing production from the perspective of attentive and responsive practices, referring to feminist, social and sustainable approaches in order to, perhaps, invent new fairer models. How can we raise awareness of the profession to feminist theories? Even if the will is there, we often lack the tools. We attempted to find and/or invent them during this Producers' Academy.

By meeting with experts and practitioners, producers approach practical aspects of international collaborations including administrative, legal and financial issues. The subject is also approached in a more conceptual manner, questioning innovative production models that reinvent the global cultural landscape. In 2019, next to workshops, talks and lectures, meeting sessions with international producers working for artists invited at Kunstenfestivaldesarts took place every day.


Nan van Houte, IETM (NL)

Speakers and sessions

"Intercultural Budgeting"
Eva Wilsens, Coordinator Manyone (BE)

"At your service. Left unsaid & powerplays in workspaces."
Peggy Pierrot, Les ateliers des horizons (FR)

"Feminists Make Better Art"
Lian Bell (IR)

"Definition of the Producer" (Exchange session)
Meryl Moens, MoDul (BE)

"How to Internationalize your project ?"
Iva Horvat, Art Republic (ES/HR)

"Funding International Mobility"
Maïa Sert, On the Move (FR)

+breakfasts, performances, pitching session, walk and talk session and encounters with producers invited by Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

The Producers’ Academy 4 took place at La Raffinerie (Rue de Manchester, 21 - 1080 Molenbeek), the festival center of Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Eligibility Criteria

Producers’ Academy is open to:

-People from all nationalities

-People who have at least five years of experience as a producers* in the performing arts** sector (particularly in relation to the international development of their organisation, company, association etc.)

* Producer: supervises, supports, follows and/or finances an artist or a collective/company
** Performing arts: are excluded from this definition operatic and music-only related projects

-Producers/Cultural entrepreneurs who have developed or are in the process of developing innovative way(s) to support creation in an international dimension and/or with a trans-sectorial approach (performing arts and social or feminist engagement, performing arts and climate change issues etc.)

-The event will be held exclusively in English. Therefore, participants need to be able to understand, communicate and work in English.


The workshops will be held exclusively in English.

Performances from Kunstenfestivaldesarts are programmed on Monday and Tuesday evenings.
Attendance is required for the entire programme, including evening performances (3 days).

Financial conditions

-Participation is free of charge (Full programme + lunches)*.
We do not take in charge transportation and accommodation costs.
Limited travel support can be considered on exceptional basis (within EU countries).

-For non-EU based / nationals' applicants who need a Schengen visa and/or do not have any funding for their travels in case of selection, please send your application as soon as possible, at the latest.

* We can send official invitation letters to those who wish to activate ways to support their participation costs. Our partner On The Move, will be happy to provide advice and guidance about available mobility support programmes.