Practical Programme
May May 2019
La Raffinerie

Sepake Angiama leans a futuristic writing workshop as part of the Free School, at the invitation of Cifas and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Sepake Angiama

School of Darkness

Sepake Angiama is invited by Cifas and Kunstenfestivaldesarts in the frame of the Free School, she will lead a futuristic writing workshop..

Over four days, Sepake Angiama proposes to slip in and out of other dimensions and to gather knowledge from our future selves in order to speak to the present. Starting from her previous project Letters From the Future, this new phase School of Darkness offers a space to inhabit future temporalities and look back at the present with specific tools to construct a collective inhabitable imaginary.

This space of the workshop will also transform itself in a temporary library including a selection of books made by Sepake Angiama and Kunstenfestivaldesarts.

Sepake Angiama


Traversing across art, architecture, writing and choreography, curator and educator Sepake Angiama's research, Her Imaginary, addresses how science fiction and feminism may harness the perfect tools for capturing a pedagogy of political and social imagination.

Her projects include All good things must begin: A conversation between Audre Lorde and Octavia E. Butler at SBC Gallery, Montreal where she created a space for writing, screening, reflection & conversation on the topic of intersectional feminism, modernist architecture and science fiction.

While a fellow at bak, Utrecht she created, We Summon All Beings here Present, Past & Future, a public library of personal publications addressing radical black thought, modernism and feminist theory.

Sepake also conducts a series of public performance and workshops, Reading Out Loud, Letter from the Future & Feminist Readings from the Mistress House. Speculative Possibilities which brings together video artists and filmakers capable of imagining and combining alternatives, to suspend the interstitial possibilities of our time.



**Cifas asks contemporary artists to illustrate its communication. Carmen José illustrated the workshop led by Sepake Angiama.

Carmen José is a visual artist and educator with a MA at the Kunsthochschule Kassel (Germany) in Visual Communication with focus on Illustration and Editorial Design. In 2014 she initiate together with Kathi Seemann the project Papiercafé, a multifunctional collective space for Self-publishing & Café. She joined the independent publishing house Rotopol as co-publisher and author in 2016. A year later in 2017, she worked as part of the Aneducation team of documenta14 in Kassel and Athens (Greece). In October 2018 she moved to Rotterdam (Netherlands) for an artist residency at B.A.D Foundation and an experimental research on critical thinking in visual education at the Master Education in Arts at Piet Zwart Institute.