a minimal but magical, beautiful and delicate performance

Nick Steur


**In the frame of the IN SITU ACT conference, Nick Steur presents FREEZE in Park Pierre Paulus, a minimal but magical, beautiful and delicate performance. **

For one hour, Nick Steur piles ashlar stones on top of each other. Without glue or tricks, simply through intense concentration and "a balance between one's own will and that of the stone".

With laborious precision, he plays with gravity and orchestrates an intimate relationship between natural forces, infusing the flow of the city with poetry through his slow gestures. His meticulous attention for raw materials invites the audience to slow down and join him in a world of stone and metal.

As he says himself, "We have to adopt a humble attitude towards the space and the materials at our disposal. There are 7 billion of us in a relatively small area...".

FREEZE is a piece that plays with silence, fragility, materials, landscape, beauty and concentration.

Nick Steur

Nick Steur is a Dutch visual artist/performer whose favourite materials are stone, sand, steel and water. His artistic language is unique. He takes us back to the 'here and now' and experiments with things that are familiar to him with a fresh eye.

Nick Steur won the Laureate Young Theatre Award at the TAZ festival in Belgium and the Scotsman Fringe First at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He is supported by SoAP, Art Happens, Workspace Brussels and the Performing Arts Fund in the Netherlands.

Schedule and venues

The performance is accessible for free, adressed to all!

Friday 2nd October
4.00 pm - Pierre Paulus park

Saturday 3rd October
2.30 pm - Pierre Paulus park

COVID19 cautions
In view of the health context linked to the COVID epidemic19 , we ask everyone present to wear a mask, to keep at least 1.50m distance from other people and to register on the spot in the register provided for this purpose.

FREEZE is presented in the frame of the IN SITU ACT Days organized by the IN SITU network on the 2nd and 3rd October 2020 in Brussels and online.
Presented by Cifas & Provinciaal Domein Dommelhof.