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Dec 2022 13h00 20h00
Dec 2022 13h00 20h00
Dec 2022 13h00 20h00
Dec 2022 13h00 21h00
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Place du Marché aux Porcs (Brussels), other places in Anderlecht

During the last days of December, Chloé Schuiten and Clément Thiry dedicate a new monument to the pigeon, our once domesticated city neighbour who has now returned to the wild.


Once a traveller and messenger of war, trained in military, lordly or abbey dovecotes, the bird has returned to the wild while continuing to live alongside us.
In front of the Place du Marché aux Porcs, the beating heart of the Christmas market, the hard and inert statue of the soldier pigeon stands.

Chloé Schuiten and Clément Thiry occupied this square and this village for four days and four nights. They devoted themselves to the new statue, soaking up the sounds, smells and music of the market, as pigeons would do. Their statue was a big Christmas lantern, soft and mobile, able to migrate. It will be painted and lit from within and at nightfall a sort of coloured stained window will appear.

As a celebration, they invited us on a sound walk, towards a wild area of the city where we feasted on a banquet.


Tuesday 13th > Thursday 15th December

1pm to 8pm
Place du Marché aux Porcs

Friday 16th December

1pm to 5pm
Place du Marché au Porcs
5pm to 6:30pm
Migration of the lantern (festive march) to a wild place in Anderlecht
final banquet in the shared garden at the COOP

A project by the Cifas with the complicity of La Bellone, Plaisirs d'hiver, nadine and Boite à Clous.