The Constellations project intends to gather 12 creators from various branches of the performing arts in order to support each other and reflect on their work during several sessions throughout the year.

(image : Cifas)

Motivated by radical and peaceful aspirations such as: making community, stimulating creation, exchanging good and bad practices, networking, making transition, Constellations will follow the work of each artist through the sharing of prototypes, the experimentation of collective and constructive feedback methods and other playful and dynamic tools.

Constellations also aims to raise political issues in contemporary creation and to accompany artists in their reflection on art in public space, and art in the city.

The group of participants will discuss their prototypes and works in progresss during three work sessions, with the possibility of sharing their research more widely during a public meeting.

Constellations 2022


Lorette Moreau, L’Amicale (BE/FR)


French. It is necessary to speak French fluently to take part in this workshop.


Social activism, social justice, contextualisation, relations to a territory, participatory practices, notion of public space.