Installations and furniture by Tom & Nicolas Valckenaere (BE), Mutiny from stern to bow.


(image: Tom & Nicolas Valckenaere)
(image: Tom & Nicolas Valckenaere)

Tom & Nicolas Valckenaere seek out hybrid territories, mainly urban environments where nature had re-emerged. Their approach could be descrived as 'passionate amateurism', they are driven by the marvellous things that appear in what we call 'natural' environments. They immerse themselves in these environments, wandering through them, looking for intrigue. Through misappropriation, micro-biological research, observation and humour, Tom & Nicolas invent objects that shake up our conception of public space and redefine the way we live in it. 

During Feral, they will be sharing prototypes of various objects created in the context of the Marais Wiels: subaquatic species tablecloths, aquariums for zooplankton and briophytes in the shape of Wiel's Brewery beer glasses, modular public furniture... These objects are inspired by and pay tribute to the Marais and its history. During Feral, we'll be using them and perhaps helping to transform them.

Tom & Nicolas Valckenaere are visual artists who live and work in Brussels. They are both graduates of the erg in "Art practice and critical tools". Tom is also an amateur painter and ornithologist. Nicolas is in charge of artistic production at Arts&publics, where he designs joint art projects. They both recently produced the exhibition L'Invisible Milieu at Juan d'Oultremont.