Récit Périphérie is the text version of Chloé Deligne's talk during Feral 2022.

Chloé Deligne proposed a journey through time and space in Brussels in search of the links between 'the city' and 'the countryside' beginning at the end of the Middle Ages. This imaginary journey, through maps, images from the past (or present), and texts, encourages us to rethink the binary rural / urban and to question how they meet and intertwine at different moments in history.

Chloé Deligne is a historian, ecologist and geographer. She is a researcher at the FNRS and a teacher at the ULB in Brussels. Her work is generally long-term and explores two major themes, which often intertwine: urban history and environmental history. Starting from Brussels, she explores the transformations in the relationship between cities and water, cities and pollution, and more recently cities and food production. Her research is characterised by diachronicity and interdisciplinarity and, moreover, by the desire to build knowledge and actions with a variety of audiences by seeking to give historical depth to issues of political ecology. She has published several works devoted to the forces and issues at stake in the major transformations of Brussels (Bruxelles et sa rivière, 2003; L'expo 58, un tournant dans l'histoire de Bruxelles, 2009) or to the ecological dimensions of its history, notably through the publication of the book Terres des villes, Enquêtes potagères de Bruxelles aux premières saisons du 21e siècle. To know more → this way!