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Nowadays, public space is no longer limited to streets, squares, or even “public” buildings, but also comprises the Web, digital exchanges, as well as technological prostheses that steer and find us. Klaxon’s 8th edition zeroes in on this proximity between the digital world and the physical world—specifically in the urban sphere.

Table of contents


The Augmented City

Antoine Pickels & Benoit Vreux

The Virtual Colonization of Territorial Space

Olivier Razac

Blast Theory - Ahead of the Curve

Mary Brennan

Landline - An Unlikely Rendezvous

Dustin Harvey

First Life - Hyper-reality according to Ici-Même [Paris]

Samantha Maurin

Ex Pristina, X Territory

Rron Gjinovci

Biela noc (White Night) in Košice - Technology in Slovak Art Projects

Ivana Rusnáková