For the Day of the Blind, we invite you to the presentation of the publication by Stephan Goldrajch Promenade à l'aveugle.

Stephan Goldrajch’s creative output embraces masks, embroidery, installations, drawings, and legends; sometimes the objects themselves embody and give rise to performances and encounters with the public.

One such was "Promenade à l’aveugle" [Blind Walk] on 9 September 2015, created as part of urban-interventions SIGNAL #4 festival, organised in Brussels by Cifas. On that day, eighty persons successively entered the scented garden at la Maison des Aveugles in Brussels. Blind-folded with a knitted mask, the visitors were ushered through the garden by residents of the facility, some of whom were blind, others visually impaired or disabled, and who themselves sometimes were guided by the health care staff. After their stroll through the garden, the visitors had their masks removed and were offered a cup of tea. If they wished they could write their impressions down, and revisit the garden they had toured blindfolded.

This publication relates and perpetuates this experience by way of Myriam Rispens’ photographs, some tactile memories of a shared experience in a herbarium, and a text by Hélène Baucy based on the testimonies of those who strolled through the garden.

100 copies were printed, 90 are numbered from 11 to 100, 10 are numbered from I to X, presented in a box containing an original embroidery made by the artist and a photograph by Myriam Rispens, the whole being the original edition.

Promenade à l’aveugle Stephan Goldrajch
Text by Hélène Baucy, Photographs by Myriam Rispens
Graphic design : Anouk & Co, with love for Stephan.
Binding : Camille Boisaubert.
Edited by Cifas, with the support of Société Royale de Philanthropie and the help of l’Œuvre nationale des aveugles.

Presentation of the publication

For the Day of the Blind (4th October), the Maison des Aveugles organises a screening of the film Na wewe, short movie directed by Ivan Goldschmidt. The sreening will be shown before the presentation of the publication by Stephan Goldrajch and you are invited to see it!

Tuesday 4 October, 14:00 - Programme:

12:30 - Welcome with sandwiches
13:00 - Screening of the film Na wewe
13:30 - Debate and questions with J. L. Pening, scriptwriter of the film and I. Goldschmidt, director.
14:00 - Presentation of the publication Promenade à l'aveugle by Stephan Goldrajch and drink in the garden.

Maison des Aveugles
(Société royale de Philanthropie)
142 Boulevard du Midi
1000 Brussels