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Newspaper designed during the School of Nomadic Urbanism organised by Stalker at the Marais Wiels in September 2023, on Cifas' invitation.

From 9 to 17 September 2023, during Feral 2023 festival, the italian collective Stalker conducted their School of Nomadic Urbanism. Stalker is a Rome-based collective founded in 1995.

Their research and actions on and in the landscape pay particular attention to the margins of the city, forgotten urban spaces, abandoned areas and territories in transition, which they call Current Territories.

La Bulle du Marais is a trilingual newspaper (FR/NL/IT) edited in the context of the School of Nomadic Urbanism. It is about the history of the Marais Wiels and Lago Bullicante, and contains information about the struggle to protect these two ecosystems. The newspaper also shows images and poems honouring both bodies of water.