Secondary Residence in Brussels.


As a preamble, the artist Anna Czapski for Cifas, had animated the first stage, meetings with a research group made up of inhabitants of Anderlecht in the cultural centre l'Escale du Nord. Anna and Charlotte David from Cifas had developed an intention to "have a good time". In other words, to provide a warm and human experience in the strict sense of the word and to avoid a more technical, cold and methodological experience in order to achieve the "thematic outcome" required by the protocol.
  Also via various techniques, partly from the "Futurology of Cooperation" project, time was spent bonding, forming a group, sharing powerful and living affects. "How to mobilise knowledge without theorising? Starting from what is important for each of us, from the knowledge and intuitions that have accompanied and carried the participants for a long time, we looked for what unites us, what is the basis of a common yet specific experience of our city: Anderlecht.
  We talked a lot, we sang, we drank and ate. From the strata of our memories, sometimes trans-generational, obvious things surfaced and we trusted these 'emanations' to give the trio a direction, a meaning rather than another. As memories, sensations, visions and experiences were shared, the formula "super multicultural party" became obvious, because Anderlecht is a truly extraordinary city, seen from this angle.