An urban and artistic laboratory, Secondary Residence sets the residents of a neighbourhood in motion, bringing together the points of view of a trio made up of an artist, a local politician and an inhabitant.

(image : Cifas)

Secondary Residence, the name of the project, refers to those holiday locations where you go to recharge your batteries, to get away from everyday life, or take time to contemplate. Here, the concept extends into regions that are not traditionally perceived in the collective imagination, such as those in which we come to spend a few days of rest. This word appropriation makes us take a step to one side and to take a fresh look at the issues raised.
  The concept involves bringing together a unique team in an apartment immersed in a region, for a week. This team is composed of : - an artist,
- a person who lives or works in the region in question,
- a person who works for the local authorities (community representative, elected or staff).
  They live together for a week, sharing both communal working time as well as more informal parts of daily life (meals, leisure, breakfasts).
  Based on a working theme that they will have been allocated, they must produce a collective reflection that will nourish a future artistic endeavour. This reflection is enriched by their exploration of the neighbourhood and their encounters with the people who live and work there. They will document the process of creation and record exchanges, meetings and thought paths taken in this crafting of the ‘common’.
  After a week of collective work, the artist will produce a work resulting from the joint reflections of the trio during their residence in the subsequent three months. This work will then be exhibited or performed in the public space.

The team

General coordination

L'âge de la tortue (FR)

Local coordination

Renovar a Mouraria (PT)

Mittendrin (AT)

Transit (ES)

Cifas (BE)

Scientific coordination

Université Rennes 2 – EUR CAPS (FR)

Audio-visual coordination

Ariadna (ES)


Ville de Rennes - Service Culture (FR)

Centre culturel d’Anderlecht (BE)

Culture et Démocratie (BE)

Cultureghem (BE)

European cooperation project coordinated by L’âge de la tortue and co-funded by the European commission (Erasmus+ programme).