Secondary Residence in Brussels.

(image : Bea Borgers)

Secondary residence was held in Anderlecht (Brussels) from 23rd to 29th January 2023. For a week, a resident of Anderlecht - Norma Prendergast -, an artist - Nicolas Mouzet Tagawa - and a local counselor - Evelyne Huytebroeck - lived together and developed an artistic project for the public space based on the theme previously defined by this group of Anderlecht residents: The super multicultural super party.

Nicolas Mouzet Tagawa

Originally from Marseille where he worked as an educator with "autistic" or "maladjusted" children, Nicolas Mouzet Tagawa has been living in Brussels for 14 years. He is now a stage director and set designer. His work, which always begins with the creation of a space, is said to be halfway between installation, performance and theatre. He is a teacher in the scenography workshop of the visual arts school of La Cambre.

Evelyne Huytebroeck

Brussels citizen, journalist by training, regional deputy for the green party from 1989 to 2019, including 10 years as Minister in charge of the environment, urban renewal, disabled people and youth. She is currently a local counselor in Forest and is involved in the Federation of European Green Parties.

Norma Prendergast

(image : Bea Borgers)

To follow the development of their ideas around this theme, read their blog.

As we toured the city, the bridges became apparent as constitutive and symbolic elements of Anderlecht's geographical and poetic identity. Bridges that connect people across the divide, bridges that help them cross the divide. Then came the idea of tug-of-war, for its performative, folkloric and symbolic aspects.